Multimedia installation/performance & limited edition digital c-print series
Original soundscore created in collaboration with Eric Reed
Percussion, synthesizer: Eric Reed
Guitar, keyboard, synthesizer: Clark Vreeland

Kiss is a site-specific performance/installation that uses dance, light projection, and sound to reconstruct the human choreography of a kiss.

“Minimalist paintings come to life.”
The Atlanta Journal Constitution

“The New York-born, Knoxville-bred dynamo Gabrielle Ondine Mertz is reimagining dance in the cradle of the South.”
Entertainment Weekly

“Mertz’s work hovers hauntingly in the space between visual art and performance.”

“There's the meeting of the eyes, the meaningful look. Breath catches and eyelids flutter shut. Finally, the kiss: unique, simple, extraordinary. Like snowflakes, no two are ever alike. Under the direction and choreography of Gabrielle O. Mertz, Kiss carves out space and time to examine the stuff human relationships are made of.”
Creative Loafing